1. Richard wanted to break his lease but he acted on his own. He hoped that his landlord would not sue him after he moved out. However his landlord did sue him for the balance of the rent due under the lease -- $9,500 + his landlordís attorney's fee and court costs. Richard hired an attorney through the Illinois Tenants Union and he has not had to pay the full amount for which he was sued. Had Richard come to ITU and legally broken his lease, he could have avoided owing any further rent.
  2. Kathryn came to the ITU asking for our help in breaking her lease because she wanted to escape an abusive landlord. Her landlord attempted to illegally lock her out of her apartment because she was a few days late in paying the rent. He was continually entering her apartment without advance notice and without any valid reason. She had serious maintenance problems in her apartment including lengthy periods of time without any heat, which her landlord refused or failed to correct.

    With ITU's assistance, Kathryn was able to break her lease legally without owing any further rent.

    After moving o
    ut and with ITU's further assistance, Kathryn demanded the return of her security deposit. To avoid litigation, her landlord returned her full security deposit with interest!


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