1. Ethel, her husband, her mother, and her two children had been living quietly in a small building paying rent to the owner. Then, the owner sold the building and the first words out of the mouth of the new owner to Ethel were: "Get out of my building." The new owner refused to accept any future rent payments from Ethel. He served her with an eviction notice and then filed a lawsuit to evict her. Ethel came to the ITU for help and ITU handed the case over to an attorney who specializes in representing tenants in eviction court. Ethel won in court!

    The landlord served her with a second eviction notice. This time he had the Chicago Police serve the notice and threatened to have Ethel arrested if she did not accept the notice. The landlord filed a second lawsuit. This time Ethel's attorney filed counterclaims amounting to eight months' rent plus attorney's fees against the landlord for various violations of the law.

    The second lawsuit ended with a negotiated settlement. Ethel agreed to drop her counterclaims against the landlord. The landlord dropped all his claims against Ethel for rent. Ethel agreed to move out, after not having paid rent in 9 months!
  2. The granddaddy of them all is a case which went on for 5 years! A multi-millionaire landlord filed a lawsuit to evict John because John began paying reduced rent. The landlord had failed to make $3,000,000 of required repairs to the high-rise building. The landlord admitted this failure to the judge in Housing Court. The landlord spent $65,000 on lawyers’ fees trying to evict John, but the tenant's lawyer won the case and kept him in the apartment.

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