Newsletter  Eviction
Joan N. lost her job, and fell behind in paying her rent. Her landlord sued Joan for eviction, attempting to have her and her family thrown in the street. Because of legal errors made by the landlord, our attorney was able to have the case dismissed. This enabled Joan to have sufficient time to move, and to leave without a money judgment against her record. 

Her former landlord was very angry at this outcome. Two months after Joan moved to her new apartment, he filed a second eviction case This time he was trying to have her evicted from her new click here for more on this story

Newsletter  Maintenance
Wendy W. moved into a six flat on the south side of Chicago three years ago. She immediately began having difficulty with the landlord for his failure to maintain the building. She even experienced a recent temporary shutoff of water due to the landlord's non payment. 

Then, a significant amount of water began leaking into Wendy's apartment from her ceilings, particularly in the kitchen. Large chunks of her kitchen ceiling fell, exposing wet beams, and posing the danger of further collapse. Wendy also had an infestation of both cockroaches and mice, and her lights were out on her back stairs. 

After click here for more on this story

Newsletter  Break Lease
Michael B. lived in a courtyard building in Bucktown for three years. He suffered from serious plumbing problems, including watching his toilet slowly sinking into the floor. He also had poor locks, or no locks, on the building entrances, and inadequate security lighting. Because of his landlord's continual refusal to correct these problems, he decided to move. The ITU helped him legally terminate his lease for the landlord's failure to maintain the building." 


"Tony and Maggie B. moved from Denver into a Lincoln Park apartment referred by an apartment search company, paying $1250 per month. They became dissatisfied with the click here for more on this story

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