1. Sherry, a young single woman living alone in a first floor apartment, came to the ITU with numerous maintenance problems, which her management company refused to address. She was particularly concerned about the bedroom windows, which opened directly onto an alley, which also were not weather tight, did not close properly, and did not lock at all, a major security issue.

    The ITU inspected her apartment and discovered dozens of Building Code violations. With our assistance, Sherry began paying a legally reduced rent reflecting the reduced value of the apartment.

    Sherry's landlord made a few repairs, but did not address her main security concerns. Instead, he sued her in an attempt to evict her, claiming Sherry owed rent because she was paying the legally reduced rent.

    The ITU provided her with a free attorney, who assisted her in defeating the landlord in court. The Court ruled that the landlord had acted in an illegal, retaliatory fashion by suing to evict Sherry. The Court also ordered the landlord to finish the needed repairs, which he did. Sherry also got brand new, secure windows throughout her apartment!

  2. Jerry, an attorney, and his family moved to Chicago. Being fairly well-off, but not knowing how long they would be staying in town, they rented an expensive, three story single family house in Lincoln Park. The house had a whopping 6,500 square feet; the rent being charged was a nearly unbelievable $7,000 per month!

    At that rent, most people would assume that this house would be a palace. However, Jerry experienced one maintenance problem after another. The water pressure was low, and the forced air furnace was extremely loud and was unable to heat the entire house.

    ITU inspected Jerry's house and discovered over 100 Building Code violations. With our assistance, Jerry was able to legally pay reduced rent. ITU was reminded by Jerry's case that any property can be poorly maintained by a bad landlord -- even a house with a $7,000 rent!

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