Municipalities in Illinois have building or housing codes which describe in great detail the level of maintenance required of an owner of a building. 

The City of Chicago has written a Building Code which is unique in Illinois. That code has over 1,400 pages! 

Suburbs have usually adopted the codes of the International Code Council. (The Illinois Tenants Union is an associate member of the ICC.) 

Building codes cover electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire protection, structural, elevator, and existing building requirements. 

These codes have a provision that a landlord shall not rent any property that does not meet the building requirements. 

If you need repairs to your apartment, please call us for advice. 

We have been advising tenants with repair problems for twenty-five years. Before taking any action, you should get our experienced assistance. 


[The Illinois Tenants Union is not a law firm or legal services corporation; however, our executive director is a licensed Illinois attorney. And, we also have relationships with other experienced attorneys who will legally represent tenants should the need arise.]

If you have any questions or would like more information, or to discuss your rights please contact us (773) 478-1133, email us, or use our online request form.

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